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5th Grade Science

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Guide to Grammar and Writing Writing: Only A Matter Of Opinion
United Streaming - instructional videos   MarcoPolo - Internet content for the classroom
The Writing Process WBRA - ITV SOL Database
The Write Site - interactive language arts and journalism Alphabet Superhighway - U.S. Department of Education's READ*WRITE*NOW! Initiative
Otterville - Simulation for decision making Time Magazine for Kids
Political Life in Virginia An American Time Capsule - 28,000 primary source items dating from the seventeenth century to the present
Jamestown - Virtual Colony Jamestown WebQuest
American Memory - Library of Congress The Presidents of the United States
Ancient Egypt Ancient Egypt WebQuest
Ancient Olympic Games Art of Ancient Egypt
Guardian's Egypt Colonial America
Mr. Donn's Ancient History - Lesson plans & activities The History Place - The Past Into The Future
States/Capitals The Quest Channel
National Art Gallery for kids  Ben Franklin's Guide to U.S. Government  (6-8)
Science - Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science, and Life Science Neuroscience - These pages contain worksheets and lessons.
Discovery Science Center Bill Nye - The Science Guy
Kids Campus Science Explorer activities
The Why Files Space Station at last!
BrainPOP BrainPOP Technology
Chemistry for Kids Fun With Food Science
Dinosauria Online The Great Satellite Search
Dino Russ's Lair Exploratorium - Online Exhibits
The Nine Planets The Solar System
NASA Planetary PhotoJournal Exploring with Sound
Imagine the Universe Earth & Sky
Weather Weather Forecast - up-to-the minute forecasting
Hurricane Hunters Endangered Species
Earthquake Hazards Program Light Resources - 5th Grade Science
Science Activities - Great Site Sports Science
Exploring Planets - Hands-on Activities Office of Water Kid's Page
Matter Kids Astronomy
Math Year 2000 Kids Bank - Money & Banking
Multiplication Cool Math4Kids
Math Goodies FigureThis math matters in daily life
Activities in Optics Math is Power
The Fitness Files Enchanted Learning
Auroras 2000 - Guide to Northern & Southern Lights
Windows Media Player - to download Aurora's Northern Lights by Jan Curtis
Piano on the Net Solar Max 2000 - Guide to the Year of the Active Sun
Big Ideas - opportunity to learn teamwork, help your community, and win prizes ARSI Lesson Plans



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