Blue Ridge West Technology Consortium



Blue Ridge West Technology Consortium is composed of 19 Virginia school divisions located in the mountainous terrain of Appalachia.  The communities served by this project include the most rural areas of Virginia.

The consortium functions as an Educational Enterprise Community capable of working together to identify needs, to design/create prototypes, and design solutions that address the needs of these school divisions.  This community consists of the entire group of school districts, partners, service providers, and institutions of higher education who will work to meet the goals and objectives, and, ultimately, to collaboratively redefine education through the integration of technology. Within this community, administrators, teachers, and students will be able to collaborate easily and effectively across geographical boundaries, removing traditional barriers to innovation.

Within this overall community, a Regional School Service Cooperative includes partners such as Blue-Ridge Public Television, the Southwest Virginia Education and Training Network (SVETN), Virginia Satellite Education Network/Virginia Virtual Advance Placement School, Virginia Tech, Mountain Empire Community College, James Madison University, and the University of Virginia-Wise. The Cooperative will promote the use of technology-enhanced learning opportunities and will provide on-going professional development experiences. These providers will assist the community in ensuring equitable access to training, resources, and support services.