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lawsons750.jpg (129720 bytes)
bulletLawsons Speed Shop 
bullet (1972 photo)
Lawsons R 600.jpg (36920 bytes)
bulletLawsons Speed Shop
LawsonRS600.jpg (36032 bytes)
bulletLawsons Speed Shop
bullet427 Chevy Powered
Rat Attack 650.jpg (51117 bytes)
bulletRat Attack
bulletDion "The Shameless" Hussey
bulletLondon, England
Underdog1 600.jpg (31281 bytes)
bulletNorth Trail Automotive
bulletStraight Six Powered
Underdog2 600.jpg (30198 bytes)
bulletDick Cobel's Underdog
D&W Thames600.jpg (33984 bytes)
bulletD & W Automotive
Gwyn's Thames600.jpg (47723 bytes)
bulletGywn's Automotive Machine
bulletGainsville Gatornationals around (1973)
Lee Edwards600.jpg (41606 bytes)
bulletLee Edwards
bullet(1972 Photo)
Randy Lawson 600.jpg (67875 bytes)
bulletRandy Lawson
Baby Huey600.jpg (47282 bytes)
bulletJerry Gwynn (Darrell's father)
bulletLakeland International Dragway
bullet(1971 or 1972)
Adams-K and S.jpg (51961 bytes)  
bulletKennison and Stevens
bullet(1972 Photo)


Adams-Fireball Shores.jpg (41612 bytes)  
bulletFireball Shores
bullet(1972 Photo)


Adams-Sterile Grape.jpg (37951 bytes)
bulletSterile Grape
bullet(1972 Photo)
Adams-Jerry Haley.jpg (36585 bytes)
bulletJerry Haley
bullet(1972 Photo)
Adams-KSS Anglia.jpg (48114 bytes)
bulletK S S 
bulletGainesville Raceway (1970's)
Adams-Dragway 42.jpg (44581 bytes)
bulletWilson and Wilson
Orange Crate Anglia 2 copy.jpg (46143 bytes)
bulletOrange Crate
bulletBristol, TN 1972
kong79 640.jpg (73114 bytes)
bulletKing Kong in 1979
(now restored)
bulletCarlos - you lucky guy
Orange Crate Anglia 640.jpg (46011 bytes)
bulletOrange Crate
bulletGatornationals 1974
Whoopee Car 640.jpg (59534 bytes)
bulletWhooppee Car
bulletGatornationals 1974
Terry Eckerd 640.jpg (68714 bytes)
bulletTerry Ekerd
bulletGatornationals 1974 
LaMay.jpg (73572 bytes)
bulletGene's Radical 48 Anglia


bulletJoey Myers
Eddie Myrick.jpg (54482 bytes)
bulletEx-Eddie Myrick/Joey Myers
bulletAlabama (2004)
bulletTom Johnson, Ohio



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