Virignia SOL PowerPoint's




Fact Families by Donna Gilliam - 1st Grade

THE THREE STATES OF MATTER - Mary Beth Masters - 3rd Grade

Pathagorean Theorem Amber Salyers - 8th Grade

Fractions and Decimals - Robyn Boggs - 6th Grade

“The Instrument Families” - Cathy Maggard

Native Americans - Dawn Flanary - 4th Grade

R-controlled vowel patterns - Kathy Stewart - 1st and 2nd Grades  SMART r-quiz Kathy Stewart.xbk

3rd Grade Science - Carolina Fleming

The Writing Process - Susanna Sanders

US Symbols by Samantha Martin - 1st Grade

Rhyming Words - Sharon Moore - Kindergarten & 1st grade PowerPoints/an family.xbk    PowerPoints/at family.xbk

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Carver Elementary, Norfolk, VA

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