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Regional Learning Academy


The Regional Learning Academy is a multi-level program which is designed to provide intervention for violent or disruptive youth with a strong emphasis on promoting abilities to function successfully in the regular school environment. Five placement options are available to include an indoor/outdoor skills adventure program, a distance learning program, a self-contained core program, and enriched integrated program, and a monitoring program. The maximum length of placement for students is two semesters. Enrollment is limited to 35 Wise County students, 23 Dickenson County students, and 12 Norton City School students.

Eligibility Requirements

Students may be eligible for the program if one of the following circumstances exist:

  • Violation of school board policy related to weapons, drug and substance abuse, or intentional injury to another person
  • Expulsion or long-term suspensions
  • Release from a juvenile correctional center and ability to benefit from the program.

Age Requirements

Students must be at least 13 years old and not over 21 years old.

Admission Procedures

Referrals are accepted from the Discipline Committees of Wise County Schools, Dickenson County Schools, and Norton City Schools. The referrals are screened by the Admissions Committee to ensure that eligibility requirements are met. Selected students must participate in an interview and assessment process prior to admission.


The Regional Learning Academy is located in Building M at 515 Hurricane Road in Wise, Virginia.

For Further Information

Contact Ed Conley, Principal at (276) 328-8612.